SecureXLS - Company

SecureXLS SAS, designer of the SecureXLS software, offers a comprehensive package which includes training, after-sales service and solutions to any special needs you may have.

Company Status :

SecureXLS SAS with a capital investment of 40 000 €
Trade Register No.: 491 776 845 RCS Dole
Industry Code: 722 C
VAT registration no.: FR 26 491 776 845

Ours Values


SecureXLS is owned by two French nationals sharing 100% of the capital investment. This guarantees our freedom in company strategy. Today we are independent and it is our every intention to stay that way!

Management Rigour

The management team of SecureXLS attaches great importance to expenditure control and forward planning.


The success of any project depends on the solidarity of the team involved. Some of us have been together for 10 years now. We have a proven record of acting as one. This is sensed and most appreciated by our customers.