SecureXLS - Services


QUALIMS - Conseil

Our teams of experts can advise you on using the software and protecting files.


QUALIMS - Installation

If need be, our teams can install the SecureXLS system for you at your workplace.


QUALIMS - Formation

Even though SecureXLS is a very easy application to install and use, we are always on hand to teach you the skills you need. Training takes half a day and is provided by the company QUALIMS SARL (, a registered training company, no: 119105703-91.
The trainer can also install the SecureXLS software at your workplace.

Quality and Validation Package

QUALIMS - Validation

The Validation package is available as an option: it was developed following the recommendations and practices of the most demanding laboratories.
It is delivered on a CD Rom with files in modifiable Word format. On request, we can assist you with your validation process.
To find out more, please see our quality page.


QUALIMS - Maintenance

We provide all technical support necessary for users of the SecureXLS software. The maintenance can take two forms: corrective maintenance and technical monitoring. As part of our quality policy, we undertake to keep up with Microsoft or Calc developments. We also rely on customer participation to optimise our technical monitoring and satisfy market needs.